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Price as at 2 November 2011

Prices fluctuate daily, so it is impossible to update prices every day, so please fill in the form at the bottom of the page for today’s price. I’ll respond as soon as I see your request.

If you would like to order, or have a query about the machine, then use the same form at the bottom as well and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

CAD/3D-Modelling Machine – The “Tornado”.

When you are working on Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) packages like AutoCAD or 3D-Modelling and architectural packages like 3D-Studio Max, Maya, Inventor, Revit, Rhino, Pro-Engineer or Solidworks or any of the other professional packages out there, they all have a few requirements in common if you are to work in a professionally effective way:

  • The fastest possible CPU
  • Lots of RAM
  • A professional workstation Graphics adapter (NOT a gaming card)
  • A large monitor or better still, a dual monitor setup.
  • A fast hard drive preferably with an SSD (Solid State Device) as well.

Unfortunately , this stuff is not cheap! But then, neither is the software that runs on it.

I have worked out the ideal system for such users, which balances cost with performance. I have personally used this system with 3D-Studio MAX and Inventor – and it would best be desribed as: WOW!

There are two versions – one with an SSD (the DELUXE version) where the System and program files are stored, and a cheaper one without the SSD. Otherwise the two systems are identical


  • It uses the newest Intel Sandybridge I7 processor and 16GB of DDR3 RAM
  • A rock-solid Intel performance motherboard
  • Large 1TB Hard drive
  • 250GB Intel SSD – the fastest SSD currently available.  (This is an optional extra which makes the “Deluxe Model”)
  • HP nVidia Quadro Graphics adapter with 1Gb Graphics RAM
  • Logitech MX5500 Revolution wireless keyboard and mouse. (IMHO, this is the most cofortable and precise mouse for 3D work).
  • Superb Quality 600W Corsair Power Supply
  • Built in 1000bit/s Network adapter
  • 7.1 Audio built in for surround sound
  • 22x DVD Read/Writer
  • Nvidia-approved Chassis – officially approved as suitable for nVidia Quadro
  • 3-year warranty

This is what the internal components look like:

All the actual components used in the Tornado CAD Machine

All the actual components used in the "Tornado" CAD/3D-Modelling Computer

Technical Specifications:

  • CPU: Intel Sandybridge lga1155 i7-2600 – Quad core+Hyper-Threading 3.4ghz 3.8ghz turbo boost
  • Motherboard: Intel P67BG BurraGe; LGA1155 mb; Chipset: intel P67-B3
  • RAM: 4x 4GB DDR3-1600
  • Graphics Adapter: HP Quadro 2000 Graphics adapter with 1Gb 128-bit ddr5 Graphics RAM
  • Hard Drive: 1TB SATA6G 7200RPM 32MB Cache
  • SSD: Intel 510MLC series – 250GB (SATA6G read/write : 500/315mb/sec) – DELUXE Model Only
  • PSU: Corsair GS600 600W Power Supply
  • DVD: 22x SATA Super Multi – Double Layer dvd-R + dvd±r/rw + dvd-ram + cd+/-rw
  • Logitech Cordless Desktop MK710, LCD display
  • Coolermaster  cm690ii Advanced , Nvidia edition chassis.

Today’s Price:

Standard Model (Without SSD) R14687 + VAT = R16742

Deluxe Model (With SSD) R19975 + VAT = R22772

Price includes assembly and testing.
Price does not include a monitor or software. See below for suggestions.

  • If you purchase Windows (see below), I will install it for you and update it with the latest service packs, patches and drivers.
  • If you purchase Antivirus, I will install it for you and download the latest definitions.
  • If you purchase one of the Microsoft Office suites, I will install it, download the latest updates and set up Outlook to work with your e-mail account.

Optional extras:

There are literally thousands of extra goodies that I can supply you with.
Here are a few of the most common items that are usually bought together with the machine:

LCD or LED Screen Monitors



There are scores of monitors from different manufacturers available. I have selected five different monitors as suggestions to go with your machine. They are all “wide screen” types:

Price Excl. VAT Price Incl. VAT
Asus VH192D, 18.5″, LCD, 1360x768px, Contrast Ratio 10000:1 R780 R889
Samsung B1930N, 18.5″, LCD 1360×768, Contrast Ratio 50000:1 R866 R987
LG E2041S-bn, 20″, LED, 1600x900px, DFC contrast ratio – 5000000:1 R1021 R1164
LG E2241T-bn, 22″, LED, Full HD 1920×1080, DFC contrast ratio- 5000000:1 R1724 R1965
Asus VE247H , 23.6″ Wide LED , Full-HD, 2 x 1w speaker , 1920×1080, ASCR contrast ratio – 10000000:1 R2874 R3276

For Gaming, I particularly recommend a somewhat larger screen like the 23.6″ ASUS VE247H


Windows Software
Windows 7 Software – Home Basic, Home Premium, Pro, Ultimate


You will need operating system software to run the machine. You might already have your copy of Microsoft Windows, you might prefer Ubuntu Linux, but if you wish to order Windows7 from me, here are the available versions.
For this machine I would recommend Windows Home Basic – 64-bit although any one of them will work just fine. :

Price Excl. VAT Price Incl. VAT
Windows 7 Home Basic 32bit R769 R877
Windows 7 Home Basic 64bit R769 R877
Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit R968 R1104
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit R968 R1104
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit + 32bit R1219 R1390
Windows 7 Professional 32bit R1303 R1485
Windows 7 Professional 64bit R1316 R1500
Windows 7 Professional 64bit + 32bit R2091 R2383
Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit R1755 R2001
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit R1755 R2001
Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit + 64bit R2037 R2322


Anti-Virus Software
Anti-Virus Software – Norton and Kaspersky


If you are on the Internet, an antivirus is essential. There are free antivirus programs and there are those that cost an annual fee. Free antivirus? Well… let’s just say: “You pay for what you get”. An antivirus program is initially purchased (from your computer supplier – someone like me) and then usually renewed annually over the internet using your credit card. If you are uncomfortable with credit cards over the internet, then you can always get another disk from me in a year’s time. There are two anti-virus programs that I recommend. You only need to buy one of them. I recommend the Kapersky.

Price Excl. VAT Price Incl. VAT
Norton Anti-Virus 2011 R132 R151
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 R153 R174

Application Software:

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office – Home & Student, Home and Business, Professional


There are hundreds of thousands of programs available. Most are purchased directly from the manufacturers on the Internet via credit card.
The most often-used program suite is Microsoft Office (Word, excel, outlook etc…), which, curiously, is usually not purchased over the Internet and downloaded. Instead Microsoft office is usually purchased from a computer supplier like me. Here are the current prices.

If you are a home user who does not use Outlook, then go for the “Home and Student” version. If you need Microsoft Outlook, however, then the “Home and Business” version should do you fine.

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 – with DVD – includes word, excel, powerpoint, onenote – licensed for noncommerical use R697 R794
Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 – with DVD – includes word, excel, powerpoint, onenote , outlook R1531 R1745
Microsoft Office Professional 2010 – with DVD – includes word, excel, powerpoint , onenote , outlook, publisher, access R3997 R4557